Tuesday, February 15, 2011


There have been so many wonderful articles written about the Hoof Cafe - that those of you who know it, know that every word of praise is true. For those of you who don't, let me introduce you to the Hoof Cafe, sister restaurant to The Black Hoof (Toronto's famous charcuterie restaurant making headlines left right and center)! I recently had the luxury of visiting this cafe prior to its closing on February 28th! (So for those of you who haven't gone, you MUST get there! But be prepared to wait! The line up last weekend was an hour long!) I went last Friday for brunch with my friend, fellow blogger and George Brown classmate Carl! We had been dying to go, and knew we had to get there before it was gone forever.

The place is perfect, if I could one day own a spot like that my life would be complete. About 30 seats, with 12 of them being at the bar, the space is bright, lovely and oh so cafe like. With a beautiful rustic bar, a neat aluminum ceiling and big windows along the front wall, you just feel like you are in a dream cafe. The most perfect spot for brunch, I can't believe I only got there once!

The food like the space is just to die for! No wonder they have received non-stop praise! Based around a meat-based theme restaurant, Hoof Cafe offers the neatest combination's! French toast with Foie Gras for brunch, oh la la! I had the "Suckling Benny" (Eggs Benedict with some suckling braised pig underneath) and a side of their hay ham with a lovely streak of Dijon mustard on the plate! When we walked in the door we saw a beautiful lemon meringue tart on display. The look of it alone had Carl and I knowing it could not be passed up! It was the most light & refreshing dessert to end a delectable brunch! (Thanks to the tart Meyer lemons and the fresh mint sprig)

For more on Hoof Cafe and The Black Hoof visit : http://theblackhoof.com/food/

Please please please! I beg you to try this brunch spot (or even for dinner too) before it is gone. It truly is one of Toronto's bests! Now for my next adventure... THE BLACK HOOF!

photo credits: my own

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