Tuesday, January 15, 2013


After a totally insane first Christmas as a caterer, I have welcomed the quiet January 2013 with open arms!

After indulging in great food all December and trying out different menu creations for the new year, I have a few inspirations to share as we head into our next few months of winter.

Here are my top three ingredients right now:

1. (DOVER) SOLE: After Christmas I spent a week in Florida where I ate fresh quality seafood all week long. I love eating fish when I am on a coast, it is super fresh and just tastes like the salty ocean. Dover sole is one of my favourite fish. You cannot always find Dover Sole in stores, but often they will have another type of sole. Sole is really quick to make, about three minutes a side. Pan sear and serve with a sauce composed of lemon juice, butter & parsley; a classic French sauce.

2. TRUFFLE HONEY: an absolute luxurious indulgence. With hints of the irresistible truffle flavour, truffle honey is a delicious accompaniment to cheese, sandwiches, & hors d'oeurves. The sky is the limit with this great product!

3. BARLEY: I am over mashed potatoes and plain old white rice! Barley is a great subsitute to your every day starch. Barley is a really great grain that contains 8 essential amino acids. Use in your next risotto, create a barley & wild rice salad. The opportunities are endless, as barley is a total vehicle for flavour combinations. It does however provide a nice nutty flavour on its own!

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