Wednesday, August 4, 2010


A buttery blue given the title of a bleu able to convert any into a bleu cheese lover. Made by Fromagerie La Moutonniere in Quebec, Mr. MacKenzie and Ms. Giroux co-own the sheep farm/cheese making company in Ste-Hélène de Chester. Until just recently the pair had been making 10,000kg of cheese just out of Ms. Giroux’s basement! But they have finally opened a full-scale cheese plant producing this buttery bleu.

As I have not yet tried this creation I can’t give you my take on taste – however I am very eager to try it as I am not a fan of bleu cheese, but I am looking for something that will convert me! I hope this is it.
Here is the review of the cheese by The Globe and Mail’s Sue Riedl:

“If you like blue cheese (and even if you think you don't), the mellow, buttery flavours of this one will bring your palate happiness. Visually this is a beauty for the cheese board. The rind is the definition of rustic – rough like craggy tree bark or the weathered exterior of a reef. The paste is creamy yellow, and slightly dappled as it ages. The veining is greenish blue. It smells rich with a soft, earthy pungency. Like its fragrant “nose” it delivers big flavour, nicely rounded and not sharp. Wonderfully salty but well balanced, you immediately crave more. This is not a mild blue but it is more complex than aggressive. The linger features vegetal notes and some sweetness along with the tang of a cultured cream.”

Does it not sound incredibly tempting? And what better words to use to entice a reader then butter and cream!!

Fromagerie La Moutonniere
3456 Principale, Ste-Hélène de Chester
Québec, Canada, G0P 1H0
(819) 382-2300

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